How to Write A Google Review Without A Gmail Account

leave google review without gmail

If you are a local business you know Google Reviews mean everything.

They improve Google rankings and have a major influence on whether a potential customer will call you or your competitor. 

I hear it over and over again…

“I’ve asked my customers to leave us a review, but they can’t because they don’t have a gmail account. Can they leave a review without one?”

The answer is Yes.

Leaving a review without a gmail is totally possible. The tricky part is getting customers to follow through with the steps provided below.

Steps to Leaving a Google Review Without A Gmail Account

1. Open Google Review Link

The Google review link looks something like this:

You can find your review link by going to your Google Business Profile or Maps Listing.

Once the link is opened, customers will be prompted to login to their Gmail account in order to leave a review. 

This is generally where customers get discouraged because they can’t login.

2. Click "Create Account for Myself"

Instead of typing in an email or phone number, you need to click on “create account” and then select “for myself”.

3. Create Google Review Account

You will see one of two windows appear after you select create account.

Option 1

Simply type in your email address the Google window.

create google account
Option 2

Google will prompt you to create a Google Account, but you don’t have to do this. 

Select “Use my current email address instead”

Hint: If the window looks different than the image below, select use a different email address and then fill out your name, email and password.

Then fill out your name, email and password and hit “next”.

4. Enter Verification Code

Once your account is submitted, Google will send you a verification code to your email inbox.

Retrieve this code and enter it into the Google window.

google email verification

5. Complete Setup

Once you’ve entered the code, fill out your birthday and click “I Agree”.

If done correctly, you should see the following message:

6. Write A Google Review

You can now return to the Google Review window and leave a review without a gmail address!

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