How to Run Google Shopping Ads for Sale & Rental Products

Solved: How to Setup Google Shopping Ads for Products with A Buy & Rent Option

I recently started working with an e-commerce client that has a somewhat unique business model. Their website provides customers the option to both rent and/or purchase their products. As I know how successful Google Shopping Ads can be for e-commerce websites, I was determined to figure out how my client could list their products on Google Shopping without getting flagged.

Why would the products get flagged you ask? Google Shopping Ads currently only allow products to be submitted with a single price and buy option on the landing pages.

After some digging around the web, I came across a few websites that were running Google Shopping ads for products that were available for both rent and purchase.

How to Do It

So, the solution to this problem is to create 2 product pages for each product.

The main product page which we’ll refer to as “landing page 1” can have both the rent and buy option. “Landing page 2” should only have an option to buy the product with a single listing price.

Landing page 2 is what will be submitted in the Google Product Feed.

SEO Tip: Avoid Duplicate Content Issues

In order to maintain good SEO and avoid duplicate content issues, you’ll need to add a rel=”canonical” tag to the <head> section of Landing Page 2 that points to Landing Page 1. This will ensure Google knows to rank landing page 1 in the organic search results and pass all SEO value to this page.

Landing page 2 is simply for Google Shopping so there is no need to have this showing up in the organic search results.

Real World Example

A website that has successfully implemented this approach to run Google Shopping is The Black Tux. What I described above is essentialy what The Black Tux has done on its website as shown in the URLs provided below:

Main product page:
Google Shopping page:

Main Landing Page

the black tux landing page

Google Shopping Page

the black tux landing page

Hire a Google Shopping Expert for Your Website

The e-commerce and Google Ads world can be tricky. I’ve spent over 7 years managing tons of websites and Google Ads accounts. If you need help with your situation, reach out! I’m affordable and won’t give up until your problem is resolved.

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