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Why Use Email Marketing?

Bottom-line, Email Marketing yields some of the best results digital marketing has to offer.


Email lists generally include people that have purchased from you in the past, opted into your newsletter, submitted a contact form or requested a quote. Meaning they are either users of or interested in your product or service.


When email marketing is done effectively, it can become a game changer for any business.

Strategic Advertising

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns


Running a sale or promotion? Email marketing is the best way to push it in front of your target customer

Referral Programs

Offer an incentive to your email subscribers to help drive additional leads and sales


Provide value to your existing or future customers with informative content about your product or service


Let your audience know about new product releases or service offerings


Have an upcoming event like a fundraiser or conference? Let your audience know


Ask for feedback from your customers about their experience and earn reviews.

Reach Your Target Customer

Why Use Google Ads?

Rank at the top of google

Google Ads are the first thing someone sees when they make a search, even before organic results. This presents a huge opportunity for websites that aren’t ranking well organically. Even with a brand new website and zero organic traffic, you can earn customers by running Google Text Ads.

Keyword Bidding

Google Ads allows you to bid on specific keywords, giving you more control of your budget. Unlike platforms like Facebook Advertising, you are able to control when you want your ads to show based on what someone types into the Google search bar. 

Get more leads & sales

Whether you are a service business focused on lead generation or an e-commerce website trying to sell more products, Google Ads is a profitable tool. By bidding on specific keywords, you can appear in front of your ideal customer when they are ready to take action.

Audience & Location Targeting

Google Ads offers tons of powerful features like running ads to specific areas, targeting audiences with certain demographics and interests and much more. Using all that Google has to offer ensures you’ll get the best return on your investment.

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