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Facebook & Instagram Ads Management

Whether you are looking to earn more leads for your business or sell more product on your store, Facebook & Instagram Ads are an effective tool for achieving both.


Social Media Advertising allows you to promote your product or service to specific audiences and locations using a wide range of creatives like video, image and text.


Working with an experienced company like Red Drum SEO is the best way to run a successful Facebook campaign.

We ensure your account is set up properly, install website pixels to track performance, create winning ad creatives, and manage your account to help you achieve success.

Strategic Advertising

Facebook Ad Experts

Faceook Advertising is one the most popular ad platforms for a reason. It works!

Pixel & Event Tracking

Facebook pixel and event tracking setup to report on your investment

Ad Creation & Copywriting

Winning ad design and copywriting to attract more customers

Audience & Location Targeting

Show your ads in front of ideal customers in your area

Facebook Ads FAQ

There is no exact number. Your available budget, location radius, competition and more play a part in determining the right budget for your campaign. You can see results on Facebook with as little as $5/per day or $100s/per day.

Facebook ads are effective for almost every type of business. From lead generation to ecommerce, Facebook and Instagrams ads are a great marketing investment.

When working with Red Drum SEO, you’ll pay a monthly management fee to us and advertising costs to Facebook.

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