Fix Missing sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])]

How to Fix the sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])] issue in Google Merchant Center

sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])] issue in Google Merchant Center

The missing country sub attribute shipping error is commonly found on Shopify websites using the Google Shopping API and selling digital products. If you use a different website platform this solution should still work for you.

The issue is occurring because your product feed is missing a column for the shipping sub-attribute.

In order to fix the issue, you’ll need to create a feed rule in Google Merchant Center to add the missing column.

Steps to removing sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])] Issue

1. Open Google Merchant Center

Go to your Google Merchant Center account.

2. Open your Shopping Feed Settings

Navigate to Products→Feeds and then select your Feed link as shown below. Your feed name might be different than the one used below:

3. Create A Feed Rule

Once you’ve selected your feed, a new window will open. 

From here, navigate to “Feed rules” and select the blue + icon as shown below:

Type in “shipping” and select the green shipping text

A new window will open and this is where you’ll create your feed rule.

4. Set A Condition

Create a condition using the price attribute and set the parameters to greater than 0 as shown below. Remember, your product feed might be called something other than Google Product Feed. The important thing here is that the .price attribute is showing after your feed name.

5. Apply Set To

Click the blue Set To thumbnail and select the sub-attributes dropdown.

Type US in the country sub-attribute field.

This is what tells your feed to fill in the sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])] as US and will re-enable your ads!

Click OK.

6. Save As Draft & Test Feed

After you click OK and your feed rule has been created, click Save as draft and then test your feed. This will allow you to see if the changes fixed your issue before actually applying the feed rule to your live feed. 

Your sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])] issue should now be gone!

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