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Why You Should GeoTag Images

GeoTagging drives more local traffic to your business by improving local rankings and Google Map appearances.

If you are a local business looking to take your SEO to the next level, geotagging is worth your time.

Local SEO is all about passing positive and trustworthy signals to Google to prove to them you are a local business.

Like earning 5 star reviews, backlinks and maintaining NAP consistency, GeoTagging is another way to enhance your local SEO and Google Maps ranking. 

As you know, Google Maps is competitive for local businesses and implementing geo tags might just be the thing you need to outrank your competition on Google Maps

The best part… there’s a good chance your competition isn’t doing it.

The key to this trick is tagging Google images with the latitude and longitude coordinates for your business address prior to uploading them to your GMB profile.

Similar to building NAP consistency on listing and directory websites, including your business location within images is another way to help Google confirm you are a real business at a real location. By gaining Google’s trust your business will have a better chance at showing in the Google Map Pack.

How To GeoTag Images with GeoImgr

We’ll be using a free tool called GeoImgr to geo tag our photos. 

But first, images use Latitude and Longitude coordinates to specify their location so we’ll need these coordinates before we can start geo tagging.

Tip: GeoImgr offers a premium version that finds your coordinates for you simply by typing in your business’ name. This may be worth your while if you are looking to geotag a large sum of images. Learn more about GeoImgr Pro below.

Remember the whole point of geo tagging is to send signals to Google about our business’ address so these are the coordinates we’ll want to use.

How to Find the Latitude & Longitude of a Business

      1. Open Google Maps
      2. Search for Your Business
      3. Right click on the red marker within Maps
      4. Select “What’s Here?”
geotagging images

Copy the Latitude & Longitude coordinates at the bottom of the screen

The coordinates for our example are as follows:

Latitude: 32.776474

Longitude: -79.931053

Using GeoImgr to GeoTag Photos

Open GeoImgr.

Upload a photo to start geo tagging.

Type in your business’ coordinates we found in the previous step in the Lat and Lon boxes below the map.


Add keyword and ALT text in the boxes if you’d like.

Once you are finished, select the blue “Write EXIF Tags” button

You then will be able to download your GeoTagged image!

Verify the GeoTag Worked

Once you’ve downloaded your image to your desktop, right click it and select “Get Info”.

If you geo tagged correctly, you should see the coordinates for Latitude and Longitude in the pop up window.

Upload GeoTagged images & Improve Local SEO

Congratulations, you now know how to geotag images and are one step ahead of competition.

To get the most out of your images, upload them to your Google Business Profile, Social Media pages and website on a consistent basis. Sending positive signals to Google on multiple platforms is your best bet to outranking competition and improving your local SEO.

Is GeoImgr Pro Worth It?

Benefits of GeoImgr Pro

  • Search for your business address coordinates directly in the GeoImgr tool. This will save you time and eliminate the tedious step of copying and pasting your business latitude and longitude coordinates from Google Maps.
  • Upload and geotag multiple images at once. If there is one reason to purchase the pro version, it is this. If you are serious about implementing geotagging at mass scale, invest in GeoImgr pro.
  • Supports PNG & JPG
  • Geotag up to 1,000 images/month

How Much Does Geo Imgr Pro Cost?

For a single license (which is likely all you need) GeoImgr Pro is $9.90/month. If you value your time, the nearly $10/month price is well worth it.

If you need licenses for multiple users the costs are as follows:

  • 1 user: $9.90/month
  • 2 users: $15/month
  • 3 users: $19/month
  • 5 users: $29/month
  • 10 users: $59/month

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