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Selecting the right domain name for your roofing website is an important step in marketing your business. Your domain name could be with you for many years into the future, it helps represent your brand and it’s an important factor in ranking your website in the Google Search results. Your domain matters!

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best roofing domain name for your company:

1. Keep It Short

The first rule to creating the perfect domain name is to keep it short and simple. 

Here’s Why:
  • Shorter domain names help please the Google algorithm and improve your website’s SEO. Do a search for “roofing companies near me”. The first few organic results are,, and Do you notice the trend?
  • Short domains are easy to remember and help potential customers search for your website more easily.
  • They fit better on marketing collateral like business cards, brochures and even billboards.
  • Simple domains are user friendly and help avoid cutoff in the search results and across the web.
Tips for Creating A Short Domain
  • Try to make the domain less than 20 characters. (Don’t stress out about this so much, just make the domain as short as possible)
  • Omit article words like a, the, and, etc.
  • Abbreviate words like state and cities. For example, could be

2. Include "Roofing" in Domain

It’s pretty simple really. Since you are a roofing business, roofing should be included in your website’s domain. Including your main keyword can do wonders for your website’s Google rankings. Google will almost always prioritize keyword relevant domains over random domains.


For example, if someone searches for “roofing contractor near me”, will more than likely show up before

3. Branding

We’ve found most roofing websites to have the best success using this formula: company name + roofing. This allows your website’s domain to be easily recognizable and improves your appearance in Google search for branded terms.


Not to mention, almost all successful domains are focused around a company name. Think,,, 

4. Check Domain Availability

Once you’ve chosen a domain name, you need to make sure it is available. Any domain registrar will be able to tell you if a domain is available for purchase. You can search for a domain name on Google Domains or GoDaddy Domain Search

5. Purchase Multiple Domains

Another trick is to purchase multiple domain names. You’ll still only use one primary domain for your website, but you can point multiple domains at your main website or use the additional domains to create microsites. Microsites are separate websites used to target specific keywords. They are often used to target specific cities or neighborhoods such as

Roofing Domain Ideas

Here is a list of different roofing domain combinations to help spark some ideas:

  • company name + roofing
  • company name + roofing + city or state
  • city + roofing
  • state + roofing
  • company name + roofing + services

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