5 Email Marketing Ideas for Roofers

Email Marketing is often forgotten about in the roofing industry, but it shouldn’t be. Email campaigns help close open leads, generate new business, and help your brand standout as the best in business by providing value to your current and prospective customers.

Regardless of whether you are a new or veteran business these 5 email marketing strategies should be a part of your roofing digital marketing strategy.

1. Roof Referral Program

Referral campaigns are one of the best ways to earn new roofing leads, quickly. The best part? It’s easy to setup. All you need is a landing page on your website with information about your referral program and a way for customers to submit a referral. 

Here’s a landing page example of a roofing referral program I created for a client to help you get started.

Once you have a landing page setup, you are ready to send out an email campaign.

Here are a couple tips for marketing your referral program:

  • Let customers know how much they can earn for each roof referral
  • Be honest about the terms
  • Link to your referral page in the newsletter
  • Add a referral contact form to your landing page

2. Run A Promotion

Everyone loves a good deal! For potential customers on the fence about requesting a roofing quote, a promotion can often get them to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Email Promotion Ideas for Roof Contractors:

  • General Sales ($1,000 off new roof)
  • Seasonal Specials (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter specials)
  • Holiday Sales (July 4th, Halloween, Christmas)
  • Weekend Deals
  • Free service (Example, free flashing repair with a new roof installation)
  • Limited Offer (The first 5 quotes receive 10% off, offer expires X date)

3. Homeowners Roofing Guide

It doesn’t need to be all about sales. Creating value for your current and future customers helps you earn their trust and makes it more likely for them to get in touch or refer your business.

A good way to provide value is by creating a guide related to your services. If you are a roofing business, for example, consider creating a maintenance checklist like this homeowners can use to inspect a few things around their house.

This makes them feel more confident about their decision and gets them thinking about calling you for an inspection or quote.

Once you have your idea, write a blog post or create a PDF and send it out to your email list.

4. Benefits

As you know, roofing quotes can be thousands of dollars and many homeowners don’t have the money saved to invest in your services. Letting them know about your financing options, certifications, pricing, and more affordable solutions can convince them to get in touch with you.

Put together an email campaign using an email service like MailChimp or Constant Contact and send out a campaign highlighting the benefits and perks of working with your business.  

5. Company News

Let your current and prospective customers know what your roofing business is up to. Send out an email campaign discussing your community service work, recent projects, upcoming and past events, or new certifications and awards. 

Homeowners typically like to hire a roofer they trust. Showcasing you’re an active business in the community is a great way to achieve this.

You can link to an article on your website or blog/news page for them to learn more.

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